2017 Update Post

Wauw. Almost a year has past since my last update – lots have happened. Not much time for write content.

So why the content drought? Well the primary reason is that on April 21st of this year, my wife gave birth to our two twin boys 5 weeks early and 3 weeks ahead of expected due date. With twins the birth is usually started 2 weeks (week 38) before normal because of slight increases in risk. However 3 weeeks ahead of that time the water broke and then you sorta have to go with the flow from there 🙂

That meant that I went on paternity leave for a looong time. The first 5 weeks we were on a neonatal intensive care unit at two different hospitals as the boys were not large enough to go home. During that time I was allowed to stay with my family and not have to work.

After the 5 weeks we came home and my real paternity leave started. I was luck enough to be able to take almost 5 months leave with pay by combining it with some holidays.

So from end April until October 1st I was off from work.. And had my hands full with the kids 🙂 Twins is a lot of work if anyone ever asks.

Just before returning to my job at the university October 1st I was offered a new job which i ended up accepting. I had one months notice at the university so went to work there handing over my assignments to other people and then on November 1st I started my new job as an IT System Consultant @ Lytzen IT.

Now getting a new job and having to get grips on everything also puts a dampener on things, content wise. I have been busy doing lots of exciting things and hopefully I will get some more time to do some updates. I have one thing lined up already for one of the next days hopefully.

Stay Tuned!