Update on Updating WordPress and News

A while back I wrote a short article about how to update WordPress when your FTP server did not accept passive FTP connections. Since then I have not been trying to update anything until now. And the fix didn’t work. Or rather it did but there was still a permission problem on the files. Even chmod 777 on the files didn’t fix it for some reason.

So I started looking for a solution and found this instead:


It describes how to switch method to direct instead of FTP. This fix worked better from the beginning and gave me more direct error messages. So now I knew that a chmod 777 would fix my problem while updating. So chmod -R 777 on the wordpress root dir while updating and then setting the permission back and voila my installation was updated. Perfect!

And now to the news part. Haven’t been very active lately with this blog. My company has had a lot of dealings with budget cuts and organizational changes in this newly formed IT unit. Not the best of starts to have to do within a year of starting. That has put a hold on many new projects. I have been working on consolidating older vSphere setups on new hardware and software which isn’t very interesting work but it has to be done. I will sometime next week hopefully write a post about how to handle CBT errors after migrating from one storage array to another. We had one of the old setups where the 2 machines were failing in odd ways. More on that later.

In other news I finally settled on a better name for the blog and will be implementing it as soon as possible. Be prepared, I think it is quite awesome 🙂