vCloud Usage Meter 4.3 .local resolution issues

As part of our ongoing engagement with VMware we are required to operate vCloud Usage Meter to measure rental license usage for reporting back to VMware. We have been running an older build for a long time now waiting for the 4.3 release to come out because this new release could correctly measure vRealize Automation usage based on the Flex bundle Addon model rather than per OSI.

I got the appliance deployed just before the holidays but ran into several issues that I’d like to share with you.

First issue I ran into actually prompted me to redeploy because the migration of configuration from the old appliance ended in a bad state. It was caused by two things 1) I was missing a Conditional Forwarder for a domain on the DNS servers on the new appliance was using and 2) systemd-resolved is a nightmare to work with!

It like to focus in on the systemd-resolved. I really don’t like this piece of software as it is insanely frustrating to troubleshoot on. What it basically does is set the /etc/resolv.conf server to a local address on the server ( and on that IP a daemon is listening for requests. If it can answer the request it does otherwise it passes the request onwards as normal.

But – and this is the crucial part – it handles “.local” domains a bit different. What it actually does I cannot answer completely but .local is being used by some services like Bonjour and mDNS. This is crucial as if you do not explicitly state that a .local domain needs to be resolved via actual DNS systemd-resolved won’t do it.

To jump a bit – the new Usage Meter 4.3 appliance runs on Photon OS which uses systemd. The older appliances use SLES which doesn’t and thus don’t have the issues. I had to do a lot of tinkering to get this working but managed by following this article: and making sure that both my required .local domains were present in the search path parameter and that the DNS servers were explicitly inserted into the config file.

I had to do both things otherwise it did not work. Search path can be configured correctly on deploy if you remember it. The DNS settings must be done after deployment but before running the migration script. Double check DNS resolution before attempting migration – it’ll save you headaches!

The appliance has been deployed and config migrated which prompted me with to errors – that old 5.5 vCenter that hadn’t been fixed yet and a currently unknown bug in registering a vRealize Automation 7.6 install – VMware support are investigating!

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    • Hi Paul,

      I have been working with them and managed to get vRA 7.6 activated but there are still issues on our end. GSS are on analyzing logs – we have itermitten authentication failures still.

      What seemed to be the major tipping point was disabling HTTP2 on the IIS servers and rebooting them. This forced Usage Meter to use HTTP1.1 instead. GSS can assist with the required changes.

      Best regards,

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