VMware License Checkup

Today I had to check up on some license keys for a customer. There was not a complete state of keys, enterprise accounts and support contracts so I started looking into how to collect data.

This may be common knowledge to many but VMware has this nifty tool on my.vmware.com:


Here you plop in your key and it returns support contract, type and which EA number it is connected to.

To get all the keys of a vCenter the following piece of PowerCLI can be used:

$licman = Get-View (Get-View ServiceInstance).Content.LicenseManager
$licman.Licenses | Select LicenseKey, EditionKey

This returns the list of keys on the vCenter easy to copy paste into the tracking tool. Nifty!

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    • Indeed – structuring my.vmware.com license portal helps a lot! But I do wish they would make it easier to move around keys. Have been moving around VSPP keys lately and having to click 4-5-6 times to move a single key out of 50-60 is tedious at best! Perhaps an API would help 🙂

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