And we have a go for launch!

So this blog is live! Very nice. I have been wanting to get into writing about the things we are doing at my work place with respect to virtualization. Some things just as a note to myself and other things to give others a tip on how we decided to solve some problems/assignments.

Not much to say yet but over the next couple of days I will try and write some things about the current process of consolidating 7 distinct vCenter installations and 16 separate clusters consisting of a total of about 56 hosts into one joined setup with 2 vCenters and and, the end of the tunnel, 6 clusters. It will contain some tips on the process of preparing for this and some of the steps that we have taken and also some designs on what we chose to do and at least some degree of argumentation of why we chose this 🙂

Until the have fun and virtualize!

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